Speed testing is driven mainly by Andre van Huysteen and also mainly happening at PRF, find his contact information on the management page.

Speed testing started about 4 years ago and is growing. Over time we hope to match the FAI requirements as participation grows.

What is Speed Test all About?

Two markers are placed 200 m apart. You need to fly between these markers, total 4 flights and the results are computed and kept on a PC. Not higher than 30m and not lower than 5m! A camera system is used to obtain results.

You will soon realize that it is not only about flying fast but skills are required to maximize your effort!

We provide for 4 classes: FW Electric, FW Gas, Heli and Jets as it is right now. These are the official National classes in play but within PRF we are working on the following classes as internal competition:

TopNotch as the National classes but also the following for normal flying:

  • Trojan T28 Foamies(3S)
  • .55 (All Nitro .55 engines)
  • FW Gas
  • FW Electric
  • Heli
  • Jets

Previous National results from Nasafi :

  • 2015: Peter Rossouw…….224.21km/h, Heli Gaui R5
  • 2016: Dean Grobbelaar…..392 km/h, Jet
  • 2017: Dean Grobbelaar……451.5 km/h, Jet