Club Aerobatics (CA) originated from Van Zyl Koegelenberg and quickly grew into a key fun event. In recent times, most CA eventstook place at PRF, hence a logical inclusion within the PRF site makes sense.

What is CA all about?

CA (Club Aerobatics) started in 2013 as a fun event for Fixed Wing and Rotary wing pilots. This informal competition grew quickly within Gauteng and is still only in Gauteng, mainly at Pretoria Radio Flyers as that is where it originated. We are always open to expand to other clubs or regions.

After the addition of RC Speed Testing/Flying, RC Cars and RC Parachutes were added and CA is now becoming a full day RC fun day for the whole family. It is also planned to include FPV racing in the near future.

The event is associated by music, bribing of the Stig(judge), running commentary and whistle blowing. The informal basis is maintained to enable full enjoyment and personal growth whilst competing against other skill sets.

There are no membership fee as such but the entry fee for participation is only R50. Currently the “membership list/mailing list” is 125 names strong.

CA Objectives: Collective fun and spending time with other RC groupings. Structured flying/driving. Involving local suppliers of product. Opportunity for clubs to participate in an informal fun way. Structured RC operators become safe operators. To fully appreciate the concept, you must become part of CA.