Becoming a PRF member is fairly easy and feel free to ask questions if in doubt.

SAMAA Membership is required. This is additional to PRF membership and all RC Pilots need to be members. You can join SAMAA as separate transaction or ask the Admin guys to include that in your fee to make things easier. SAMAA membership for 2019-2020 is R430 for an adult but rather ask if not sure. More information on SAMAA here…

Normal or ordinary membership is R 1320 pa, Students and Pensioners only R660 pa. For new members, a joining fee of R1000 per family is payable. Once again, contact us if you are not sure. Once you submitted the application form, our Admin will send you a quotation and after payment, you will receive an invoice. From there a club membership card will be issued with you Photo whilst SAMAA will process your payment and send you a SAMAA card as well.